Hey Ya'll My name is Mariah I am attending lain middle school. i love to do theater and i am currently in a band! i love to sing!!!!

yall this video is really funny!!!!!!!

[[http://www.glitterkiss.com/%7Chttp://www.glitterkiss.com/|http://www.glitterkiss.com/%7CHi|http://www.glitterkiss.com/|]]Hi]] i am my-my Jessie's and Claire are my best friends ever!!!!

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best friend!! this site rocks out loud!! so much fun wait till my next post!!external image hello003.gif
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my name rocks out loud!
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i am in love with cherries!
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wow my page is awesome!! send me a letter!! or mail r whatever!!

my fav thing in the world is playing my bass guitar and writing poetry!!!!!!!!!!!